Welker Rotary Machine

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The Welker Rotary Is A Precision-Made Tattoo Machine. Here Are A Few Of The Key Features: 1. All American Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum And 304 Stainless Steel Construction (No Plastic Parts) Similar To Medical Grade Instruments. 2. All American Made 440 Stainless Steel Bearings. 3. Powered By Top Of The Line German Made Faulhaber DC Micro-Motor With 2.6 Watt Of Output Power And 9900 Rpm Of No-Load Speed @12volts. Machine Will Run Approximately At 125cps @12 Volts And Drop Approximately 14 Cps Per 1 Volt Reduction In Power Fully Loaded Up With Needles Working The Canvas. 4. RCA Power Connection (Clip Cord Connection Not Advised And Will Void Warranty If An Attachment Is Used). 5. Needle Retention Devise Locks To The Left And Right To Facilitate Needle Loading. The Amount Of Pre-Bend Given To The Needle Determines Tension. The Retention System Can Be Used In The Loaded (Tension) Position When Using A T-Tech Type Of Adaptor For Exchangeable Needle Tips As The Guide Wheel Of The Retention System Guides The Needle Down The Center Of The Tube. 6. Crankshaft Driven Forward And Rearward Slides. 7. Comes In 4 Different Strokes: Short- 2.5mm(.100”), Medium- 3.2mm(.125”), Long- 3.8mm(.150”) And Extra Long- 4.5mm(.175”). 8. Comes In 8 Different Colors. 9. Weighs 120g ( 4.25oz) 10. Produced In House At Welker Machines A Division Of Eternal Ink Inc. 11. Technical Patent Pending Drive System. The internal (rearward) slide cancels out the up and down forces generated by the front slide and needle movement. This is achieved by matching the mass of the internal (rearward) slide to the mass of the front assembly (front slide, needle and rubber nipple). Across the whole range of motion regardless of chosen stroke or running speed the internal (rearward) slide and front assembly (front slide, needle and rubber nipple) move in opposite directions of each other at a mechanically matched speed and distance effectively canceling out the hopping action associated with the up and down movement of the needle. The crank shaft has two journals driving a desmodromic type system. The crankshaft is supported on one end by the motors internal bearings and the other end supported by a stainless steel pilot bearing effectively taking the full load of the forces involved with decelerating , reversing and then accelerating the masses at 140Hz (cycles per second) off the end of the motor shaft and displacing it between the motor and the pilot bearing effectively eliminating any applicable motor and drive shaft flex. The crankshaft journals driving the front and rear slides are arranged 180 degrees opposed to each other giving the crankshaft a natural balance. THE DUAL-PLANE DIFFERENCE The Welker Rotary is referred to as being Dual-Plane Balanced. Our Rotary Dual-Plane Balancing system eliminates the up-and-down shaking caused by the needle and armature bar often associated with a coil tattoo machine. Unlike other standard rotary machines, the up-and-down shaking caused by the movement of the front slide, has been cancelled out by our Dual-Plane design. On a standard rotary machine, the side-to-side shaking, (the motion that unfortunately draws ink up and out the top of the tube of a rotary machine), is a result of an eccentric cam-type drive system attempting to balance the up-and-down motion. This too, including the leaking ink, has been canceled out by our Dual-Plane design. Therefore, after canceling these effects, we achieve a stable platform of operation with all components working within their optimal range. Not only does this vastly reduce the fatigue experienced by the artist, it also reduces the stress on the motor from shaft flex and various other factors as well. RECOMENDATIONS We encourage our Welker Rotary machines to be run at speeds equal to coil liner and shader machine speeds. The optimal range of operation is between 9.5 volts and 10.5 volts for shading and 10.5 volts to 12 volts for lining. We have found that artists tend to start at lower voltages due to their previous experiences with rotary machines. Once an artist starts to become familiar with the Welker Rotary machine, they naturally begin moving toward the normal operating speeds that coil machines are tuned to perform. Made in the USA Stroke:- Medium- 3.2mm, Long- 3.8mm


The Welker Rotary Is A Precision-Made Tattoo Machine.