SilverBack 666 Series Grey Wash Dark Ink 4oz Set

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Tattoo Prime are an authorised dealer for Silverback Ink™, which is approved for use in Europe by EU resap(2008)1 and Tätowiermittelverordnung. Formulated and manufactured by tattoo artist Randy Scott Howell, the Silverback Ink™ DARK Grey Wash Series™ is exactly that, DARK! It is darker than the XXX Series. Dark 6 is stepped up evenly from Silverback Ink XXX4… Dark 66 is a whole step darker than Dark 6… Dark 666 is the DARKEST!! The inks have been pre-mixed so you will always have consistent grey wash tones available, but they can also be diluted for preference. In addition, Silverback Ink™ will remain wetter for longer and will not dry up in your ink cup during tattooing. Guaranteed even healing and perfect results every time! Silverback XXX Black and Greywash series was formulated to meet the needs of the EU market according to the Eu resolution resap(2008)1. Certified for sale in the EU by CTL Gmbh Bielfield via Coldskin Amsterdam BV & sterilized in the Netherlands 100% Vegan.

Sliverback Dark 666 1oz 3 Pcs Set Rs.1800
Sliverback Dark 666 4oz 3 Pcs Set Rs.6000


A brand that prides itself on being anything but momchromatic. Its consistency allows it to go in to the skin quickly, smoothly and evenly.