Professional Airbrush Tattoo Air Compressor AG-118B

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Description: This airbrush tattoo kit is mainly designed to deliver a tattoo ink as the active ingredient to produce a perfect, attractive body tattoo and body art. This air compressor has auto stop function, so it can be used with double action airbrushes, and can be used for continuous working for long time. This airbrush gun is double action type, and with 2 plastic cups, you can use either of them according to requirement. How to use the airbrush tattoo kit: 1.Using air hose to connect airbrush to the mini compressor. 2.Connect the electric plug to the power. 3.Press ON/OFF to OPEN/CLOSE the compressor. 4.Use the knob to adjust the airflow according to requirement.

Airbrush Tattoo Air Compressor AG-118B Rs.6500


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Professional airbrush tattoo air compressor