GOOCHIE Permanent Make Up Machine Kit (2010)

Rs.11000/- Rs.9000/-

USED BY 10000+ artist Best Goochie products ever.

Goochie Permanent Make-Up Kit Safeskin-Implatable Lip Pigment.

Rs.10000/- Rs.8000/-


Rs.13500/- Rs.10999/-

616 Grey Coffee, 611 Apricot Coffee, 612 Deep Coffee, 613 Green Coffee, 618 Coconut Brown, 666 Blending Toner

Goochie M9 Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine Kit.

Rs.13999/- Rs.11999/-

Goochie Permanent Makeup Amino Acid Antiaging Mold (BF GF EGF) Net : 3mlx6

Rs.3599/- Rs.2499/-

GOOCHIE permanent Make Up Machine Kit.

Rs.13500/- Rs.11999/-

USED BY 10000+ artist's Best Goochie products ever

Goochie A8 Permanent Make-UP System

Rs.20000/- Rs.18199/-

Magnetic rotation motor, powerful and noiseless, Punch frequency: 120-180Hz, Easy operation, pedal-free, with On/Off button on handpiece

Traditional Tattoo Supply Goochie Manual Tattoo Permanent Makeup Pen With Manual 4 Set Pen Blade And Pigment (2-Size 9 Blade, 2-Size 11 Blade)

Rs.9999/- Rs.8399/-

Non-skid grip design. Non-skid grip design. New and beautiful shape, disassembled design, solid and reasonable structure, it is flexible and convenient for use. light and portable. 4 Blade, 1 Pigment(may vary from the image), -1 Goochie Posoperative Repair Gel For Eyebrow, -1 Pen

Goochie Permanent Makeup Instant Sooth Cream

Rs.2000/- Rs.1599/-

Application Area: Body For Men & Women All Day Cream For All Skin Types

Goochie Permanent Makeup Amino Acid Antiaging Mold (BF GF EGF) Net : 3mlx6

Rs.3199/- Rs.2945/-

Amino acid antiaging mold, EGF peptide wound/ scar Repair agent Use this product in the wound evenly spread twice 4 times a day. Wound surface will be restored it continuous use for 15 days. It has special effects for the scar. BF GF EGF Growth factor, Epidermal growth facto

Goochie Permanent Make Up Micro Pigment Cosmetic Color, Size - 15ml

Rs.2500/- Rs.2299/-

Permanent Make Up Micro Pigment Cosmetic Color, Size - 15ml Each Color, \\r\\nPure plant essence permanent makeup pigment

Goochie Permanent Lip Gloss 7days magic pink up (18ml)

Rs.9999/- Rs.850/-

Accelerate the metabolism, enhance the function of red blood cells with oxygen. 7 days magic pink up lip gloss has the special features of improving black lips, dark lips, purple lips and the nipple,

Goochie Manual Tattoo Permanent Makeup Pen And manual Pen Blade (Manual Blade Pen)

Rs.999/- Rs.850/-

Disposable Manual Tattoo Permanent Makeup Pen 1. Disposable use for eyebrow permanent makeup 2. All the parts are independent package 3. Needles are sterilized by gamma ray, achieving the medical and health standard 4. Suitable for using the paste and cream ink 5. Manual tattoo pen, doesn't use the power supply 6. Light weight, more easy to operate.