Colors (Pigments)

Star Brite Ink

Rs.350/- Rs.300/-

Star Brite Ink

Bloodline Tattoo Colors from Skin Candy. 1oz

Rs.300/- Rs.250/-

Professional Skin candy body tattoo ink pure plant materials made in USA

Intenze Tattoo Colors 1oz

Rs.600/- Rs.550/-

Here at Intenze, It has an unrivalled dedication to developing the safest tattoo ink possible for use in the skin.

Silverback Ink White 120 ml

Rs.2400/- Rs.2200/-

A brand that prides itself on being anything but momchromatic. Its consistency allows it to go in to the skin quickly, smoothly and evenly.

Boris custom pigment collection Intenze Tattoo Ink 19 Bottles

Rs.24000/- Rs.22000/-

Intenze Tattoo Ink – Boris From Hungary Color Pigment Series – 19 Bottles

Intenze Ink Mario Barth Gold Label X19 Set

Rs.24000/- Rs.22000/-

Intenze Ink: Mario Barth Gold Label x19 set 1oz

Arcane Tattoo Ink

Rs.550/- Rs.500/-

Eternal Ink

Rs.700/- Rs.600/-

Eternal Ink